Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have been through the toughest of times and fought many battles. We understand what you are going through right now. That is why we are offering you help especially now during a pandemic.

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Eligibility And What You’ll Get

If you have recently started a business (especially if your start-up is because of the current covid-19 pandemic) and cannot afford to get your business on the internet just yet; we want to help you.

We will build you a one page professional website to get you started absolutely free. Your website will run for a year. Zero charges and zero fees. We will even host it for you free. This should give you enough time to bring your business to a sustainable level. After the one year period, your website will be removed and the slot given to another struggling entrepreneur.

Design Of Website

The design will be entirely up to my team and I. You just need to provide us with photos or pictures of your products (or services), and information about your business (what you are offering – your products or services, your address, contact number – with Whatsapp capabilities, social media links, etc.).


  1. Business started not more than a year ago.
  2. Profits not more than RM1,000 a month (household income total below RM1,500 a month for a household of 2 adults and 2 children). If household income is higher than the stated RM1,500 a month but there are more dependants; we will consider.
  3. Your business must be legit. No drugs, gambling businesses, porn, money laundering, etc.

What’s The Catch

Although we are offering this to you for free, it does come with one string attached. After that one year you must help elevate another hard fighting entrepreneur who is going through what you are currently going through now. How you do it is up to you.

Whatsapp Us

Send us a Whatsapp at this number (+601113277518) or click here to whatsapp us.


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