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Alexanderstr. 1 – 90762 fürth 0911 49074387 email: vunderbar@outlook.de

All foods served here comes with an allergy checklist. Please check the allergies from number (1 to 7) and alphabets (a to f) below.


  1. Cereals containing gluten
  2. Eggs / egg products
  3. Peanuts / peanut products
  4. Milk and lactose
  5. Soya / soya products
  6. Fish / Fish products
  7. Nuts

Additives Beverages:

  1. Colorant
  2. Antioxidant
  3. Caffeine
  4. Phenylalanine
  5. Sweetener
  6. Taurine

*All prices include VAT and service.



Mixed salad; papaya and mango strips, fresh herbs, fried chicken breast pieces, and shrimp. Served with homemade lime fish sauce.

8,50 €


12. GỎI ĐU ĐỦ – 3,6,7

Green papaya salad with carrot strips, pepperoni and shrimp. Add roasted peanuts.

7,50 €


13. GỎI XOÀI – 3,6,7

Sour mango salad with chicken and pickled shallots.

5,50 €



Served  with chicken, fresh herbs, fried onion, and peanuts.

8,50 €


15. MIẾN SALAT CHAY (VEGAN) – 3,5,6,7

Glass noodle salad with tofu, fresh herbs, roasted onion, and peanuts.

7,80 €