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Special Drinks

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Special Drinks

Sparkling Apple                                                                                                  RM4.80

Coke Float                                                                                                           RM4.80

Lime Coke                                                                                                           RM4.80

Corn Milk                                                                                                             RM4.80

Ribena Longan                                                                                                   RM4.80

Ribena Lemon                                                                                                    RM4.80

*** Do check with our chef for special recommended dishes that may not be in the menu.


Additional Information

Business Hours : 11 am to 10 pm

We provide catering buffet or BBQ for a large variety of parties and events.

Buffet and special set menus are available upon request.

* All pictures for illustration only

Delivery Available

Delivery Available : +6016 668 4946  ***Delivery Charges: RM2.00.


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