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Fun Things That We Do

We love building things and getting creative. It all started from building things using colourful interlocking blocks by Lego, and stacking wooden dominoes just for the fun of seeing them fall in a systematic manner. From there we went on to develop dynamic websites, dynamic “pockezines” or pocket magazines, etc. 

We still build website, manage dynamic pocket magazines, and all that; but there’s more. We also develop systems, mobile web applications, and more. 

Why Follow The Crowd? Be Unique And Fun

Some of the fun things that we have developed for our customers are in-house pocket magazines, dynamic mobile applications, etc. that are great marketing tools. Imagine being able to give every guest of your hotel, or every consumer of your product, a free magazine that keeps them connected to you. Imagine being able to communicate with them and keep them updated all the time. While email marketing and other traditional forms of marketing are still “usable,” why not utilize something more powerful, more effective, more efficient, more accepting, and more fun?

Ask us how …

Above is an example of how we make things fun. We buillt a Mobile-Mate menu for Vunderbar Asian Food Kitchen in Furth, Germany, based on a chalkboard drawing that they have standing outside their restaurant. Using their mobile phones, customers scan a code that is placed on the table, choose their preferred language, touch parts of the drawing with the category of meal stated,  be brought to the mobile menu, and follow through with their order. 

What’s better is that customers can take the menu home and plan for their next order. Meanwhile, Vunderbar’s marketing team can do magic with this menu. 

Some Of The Brands That We Serve

More Things That We Do

Here’s a list of services that is offered by us, our parent company (Pocket Media), and other teams within the umbrella – ASEAN Publisher, PhilFooDotCom, Pockezine.

Content Creation

Copy Writing, Press Release, Videos, Company Profile, Advertisements.

Songs, Rhymes, And Music

Song Writing, Lyrics, Jingles, Rhymes.

Information Technology

Websites, Portals, Systems, Mobile App. *Full Stack.


Translation services (Malay, English), Transcribing, Editing.

Marketing And Public Relations

Media Management, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Project Planning, Grassroots, Marketing Consultancy, Brand Management, Public Relations.


Products, Spaces And Places, Events.


Management, Leadership, Stress Management, Change Management, Effective Communication, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), etc.


Life Coaching, Personal Coaching, Business Coaching.

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