Mobile Phone Photography Breakthrough

“Pictures attract the eyes and attention of your audience…”

It has been said that a picture speaks a thousand words. This is very true. A picture indeed speaks a thousand words. When you look at the magazines within a certain genre in a bookstore; which one catches your attention first? Would it be the one with an attractive cover picture or one with a cover picture that is forgettable? It most certainly is the one with a good picture on its cover. Good photos will help you in many ways.

  1. Better engagement to your Social Media.
  2. Better engagement to your slides and presentations during lectures, meetings, trainings, seminars, etc.
  3. More views with higher attraction and traffic to your website.
  4. Better engagement with visitors on your website as they stay longer.
  5. Better pull factor to your products and services, advertisements, etc.
  6. Gives you an advantage over your competitors.

A photograph that showcases motion and stillness. Photo taken on Huawei P20 Pro.

“Most people use their mobile phones to take photos these days…”

With the mobile phones being the main photography device these days, mastering your mobile phone photo taking capabilities is certainly a benefit to you. The Mobile Phone Photography Breakthrough course equips you with the tools to do this. If you have always wanted to take beautiful pictures and master your mobile phone’s photo taking capabilities; sign up now.

This program is for anyone who wants to up their level of photography and to have a better understanding of the tools and features of their mobile phone cameras and to use them to take better photos.

Learn product photography – A photograph of a rubber minnow (fish) – soft plastic bait used for fishing. Photo taken on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

What you will learn in this program:

Day 1 :  

History Of Photography

Basic Principles Of Photography

The Language Of Photography

The Tools Of Mobile Phone Photography

Understanding Light

Laws and Ethics


Day 2 :  

Seeing In Frames

SALPE System

Mobile Phone Photography By Genres Part 1

– Macro photography

– Portrait Photography


Day 3 :

Mobile Phone Photography By Genres Part 2

– Landscape Photography

– Product Photography

Rules Vs Tastes

Turning Your Photos Into Art – Post Production


*There may be changes in the timing of the topics depending on circumstances.

Aperture play. A photograph of pigeons blurring the foreground and the background (bokeh). Photo taken on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Aperture play 2. A photograph of a beautiful duck. Photo taken on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

What is unique about this program is that you not only learn the theory of taking beautiful photos using your mobile phone, but also learn the science behind it. What this means is that you will not just be able to take nice photos (sometimes) but know how nice photos are taken so that you can do it all the time should you choose to.

Learning photography is not theory based. As such this program will include classroom sessions as well as practise sessions (theory and practical). Attendees will learn much faster and will be able to see improvements in their photography skills by the end of the program.

Program Information

Date : 26th to 28th March 2021

Time : Generally 10am – 5pm

Venue : ZOOM


Investment : USD200  |  RM811

*Instalments are available


What you get:

  1. Fast track learning 3 days intensive Mobile Phone Photography Breakthrough class (classroom / theory plus practical).
  2. You will be able to attend future Mobile Phone Photography Breakthrough classes as a refresher for free (for one year).
  3. You will be part of the alumni Whatsapp group to share photos and improve further your photography skills should you choose to.
  4. Discounts on future classes.
  5. A Mobile Phone Photography Breakthrough e-booklet with guides and tips inside.
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This class is conducted by Phil Foo.

Founder / Editor in Chief ASEAN Publisher

Professional Travel and Product Photographer. Winning travel photographer. Phil’s photos have been sold to various corporations and has appeared in various publications.

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